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Kate has a passion for storytelling!  She welcomes each and every opportunity to share her books and love of reading and writing with the young minds who motivate her! Whether in classrooms, auditoriums, libraries, bookstores, or club meetings - Kate shares her love for writing and empowers others to create, too!  It is her firm belief that each and every person has a FABULOUS story brewing in their imagination.  All it takes to turn that idea into a story is the courage to give that idea a voice!


Kate has shared her books, author presentations and passion for reading and writing with tens of thousands of students.   She has the ability to present her picture books to groups aged 3-14 and have them to be applicable, valuable and fun for all ages!    Whether you are looking to do writing workshops in individual classrooms or have her present to an auditorium full of students, contact Kate to see how her books and literacy programs can support and empower your group of budding young authors!  


There is nothing more energizing than to see young students with their hands in the air, eager to share answers, ideas, questions and comments!  Kate brings the audience into each presentation and ensures that every person shares in her enthusiasm!


Kate has met with students from pre-school through middle school!  She has a great feel for what students are learning at each grade level and tailors each presentation to compliment the audience!  


Yes, Kate wants her books to entertain readers.  However, she also wants the books to serve as resource materials in the classroom!  Read Kate's books for fun OR refer to the language to teach description, synonyms, similes, idioms, sensory words, etc.  


Whether a person is 4 or 94, Kate wants them to leave a session thinking, "I have a BRILLIANT idea!  I'm going to start writing  RIGHT AWAY!  I can do this!"

What age groups does Kate present to?

Kate has presented to students in grades PreK - 8th grade, in addition to librarians, teachers, reading specialists, parents and community members.  Her flexibility allows her to apply literary techniques and messaging from her books to all ages!  

How can students/schools get personalized books?

Kate will provide a pre-order form to the school in advance of her visit.  She will bring books to the school and personalize each one before she leaves!  Additionally, they can always be ordered from the this website.

Availability and Fees

For availability and fees, please contact Kate!

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