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I'm so happy you're here!  I hope you love to read as much as I do. A funny story, an interesting word, an intriguing dilemma, a thrilling adventure...there are so many wonderful things about books!  To me, the ABSOLUTE BEST PART is how reading can get YOUR imagination revving and creativity flowing.  So, pick up a book, flip open the cover, and remember that 
fun is just an idea away!   

Coming this Fall!
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"Kate's love of words is contagious!  She is an engaging storyteller who understands how to talk to children about the power of vocabulary and imagination.  My students left the presentation feeling inspired to read, write and create!"



"Dynamic and engaging!"
"Understanding how language can be used in different ways is a key part of comprehension.  Kate and her books provide an entertaining and fun way for students to learn how words can be used in all sorts of ways, as well as become enthusiastic about writing their own stories!"


3rd Grade Teacher


3rd Grade Teacher


1st Grade Teacher

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